Searching for HVAC Controls and Systems Integrators in Barcelona

Me and my wife Anna, set out on bicycles in Barcelona to find building automation controls. We were looking for HVAC controls distributors, building automation controls contractors, and anything HVAC.

Unfortunately, we did not have much luck. Although my wife Anna is fluent in Spanish, the language spoken in Barcelona is a form of Spanish called Catalan, so communications was very difficult. After searching for over an hour trying to track down an HVAC distributor we had found on Google, we realized that the distributor had closed their doors.
We did find a contractor at a construction site. As near as Anna could tell from her conversation, the architect was responsible for the controls, and they were not sure what Anna meant by mechanical engineer. So I wonder if their way of designing HVAC Control systems is different than in the States?
In talking to other contractors it seems like controls is not a big deal in Barcelona. Granted we did not get to see any of the systems in the large buildings, were we probably would have found full blown building automation control systems and systems integrators.
Perhaps because the climate is milder in the summer time, controlling air-conditioning in terms of energy management is not that big of a deal. If any of our ControlTrends community can enlighten me about the building automation controls world in Barcelona, please do so in comments.
I was quite a hit with the local contractors we spoke to, they kept calling me Homer and wanting to shake my hand. It was not until later that Anna pointed out to me that they thought I was the American celebrity Homer Simpson.

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  1. Very fun stuff. Thanks for sharing your and your side kicks adventure in Barcelona. It looks like a beautiful city.

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