What Makes The Siemens Pressure Independent Control Valve Different?

Siemens Pressure Independent Control Valves and Actuators. Pressure Independent Control Valves make a significant contribution to efficient energy usage and offer cost savings by preventing over- or under-supply of heating or cooling energy. They also improve the control accuracy and, therefore, enhance room comfort.

Siemens’ Pressure Independent Control Valves portfolio is comprised of:
• 8 different valves covering a flow range from 0.3 gpm to 37 gpm with a differential pressure operating range from 2.3 psi to 58 psi.
• 6 different actuators providing floating and 0-10V proportional control with fail-in-place or fail-safe operation.

Siemens’ Pressure Independent Control Valves integrate three functions into a single device: control valve, adjustable flow limiter, and automatic pressure regulator. Siemens’ PICV unique selling points include:

1. A control valve for temperature control
2. An automatic differential pressure regulator for balancing pressure fluctuations in the hydronic system, and
3. An adjustable flow limiter (not available on most competitive valves) for setting the required flow rate.

• The full stroke of the valve is always used regardless of the maximum flow setting. Competitors reduce the flow with a fixed limiter and/or by limiting the stroke of the actuator.
• The automatic differential pressure regulator operating range is from as low as 2.3 psi up to 58 psi. Most competitive products require at least 5 psi for proper pressure independent operation. This lower minimum differential pressure allows the system pumps to be turned down more, resulting in less wasted pump energy and higher savings than required by competitive pressure independent control valves.
• Optional P/T plug kits are available for measuring the differential pressure across the valve body.
• Free valve tagging on all valves and assemblies.

For more information on this valve contact your local Siemens distributor. Not sure who your Siemens distributor is? No problem, leave us your location in comments or email us at control trends@gmail.com and we will hook you up.

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