Brian Lovingood is the master of the first HVAC secret handshake

Servidyne’s Brian Lovingood is a man of many talents. He won the
Terralux Lightstar 3000 Flashlight for being the first HVAC master to come forward and demonstrate the first of the 108 HVAC secret handshakes.

Because of Brian’s courage others have felt it was time to bring these ancient secret traditions out into the open.

As you can see many HVAC pros are doing the first handshake know as “park it in the garage”

Now is the time when you greet others in our industry show them you are in the know and give them “the park it in the garage” secret handshake.

Tomorrow Controltrends will publish a video on how to do the second secret handshake. Just like last week the first person placing or picking up an order at either our Atlanta or Orlando locations that does the first and second handshakes with one of our counter people will win a really cool prize.

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