Intelligent Buildings’ Tom Shircliff at IBCON 2014: The Technology is Here, Let’s Get Started!

Intelligent Buildings is a well-known and leading-edge consultancy company in the smart building business. Veteran Tom Shircliff elegantly brings to light that the technology, all of the smart technology pieces needed for New Buildings, for Building Retrofits, for Building Analytics, and for Building Systems Cyber Security are here, but the challenge is how to scale this available technology into starting points — where building owners can get under-whelmed and start faster, with less risks, and all the while, make enlightened decisions quicker through Intelligent Building’s organizational alignment approach and the creation of a common language that all the stakeholders can understand. To ease and accelerate that sometimes arduous process, Intelligent Buildings has created their Advisory Starter Kits, which allow building owners to implement immediately, specific best practices and establish vital vendor standards, that will ultimately ensure a complete and successful future project solution.

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