Rebuilt Flame Safeguard Controls: Penny wise pound foolish

Click here to see why using rebuilt flame safeguard controls is not only a bad idea but might even be a criminal offense. See what industry experts have to say about rebuilt or used flame safeguard controls.

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2 Responses

  1. Eric,
    Thank you for your assistance in educating contractors and end-users about the dangers of rebuilt controls. Perhaps we can take a lesson from Occupy Wall Street and Occupy the Rebuilders.


  2. Jeff, Thank you for your comments regarding the dangers of using rebuilt flame safeguard controls. Gordon Gecko said “Greed is good” in the movie Wall Street but he was not referring to the high margins and safety risks that sellers of rebuilt or used flame safeguard controls inflict on unsuspecting boiler control buyers.

    As the premier authorized distributor of both Honeywell and Fireye Combustion Controls in Massachusetts does your company offer on site surveys to determine if a customer has legitimate flame safe guard controls? I know your company, Interstate HVAC Controls, has been in business since 1945 and has an impeccable reputation for offering quality Burner Boiler control and hvac controls solutions, so I hope I am not over stepping when I suggest that you and your team of factory trained combustion controls experts would go on site to offer boiler controls upgrade and retrofit solutions.

    What is the best way for viewers in the Massachusetts area that need assistance with replacement boiler and combustion controls to get hold of Interstate ? The website is is there a particular contact that our viewers should contact for burner control upgrades?

    Also, I notice that you guys do Power Flame burners and ASCO valves as well as several different gas pressure regulator lines would you be willing to share with the Controltrends community a bit about what Interstate does with those product line?

    Thanks again for your comments and for being part of the Controltrends community

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