Schneider Electric at the 2012 CGNA Vendor Showcase

Schneider Electric showed off new products at the 2012 CGNA vendor showcase. In particular I thought their Cassia energy controller for controlling hotel and dorm rooms was a nifty product.

Will the Cassia win and award at the 2012 CTA’s ( ControlTrends Awards) ? Stay tuned to Controltrends to find out. If you are in Georgia or Florida you can pick up your Schneider products at Stromquist & Company, if you are located in another part of the country one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America has you covered.
Here is what Schneider Electric had to say about the Cassia Energy management system:

“The Cassia™ Energy Management System (EMS) is comprised of EMS Thermostats, Door Sensors, Motion Sensors, and Ethernet-based Group Coordinators that communicate via Zigbee® wireless network. The Cassia EMS reduces energy costs by minimizing HVAC and/or lighting usage when a guest room is unrented or vacant. The Cassia EMS allows continuous monitoring of all online devices within the property.


12 to 24 month payback period
Average energy savings of 25 to 44% through vacancy detection and temperature setbacks
Fast, simple, nonintrusive installation
Scalable solutions and phased installation options to suit every budget
All components utilize Zigbee® wireless technology
Improved guest comfort with lighting control and temperature settings
Rich, intuitive energy monitoring software interface
Real-time status and alerts for front desk and maintenance office
Backed by a global specialist in energy management – Schneider Electric

The Cassia EMS works behind the scenes to ensure that your guest experience is smooth and elegant.

Merging easily with your building’s Property Management System, the Cassia EMS system automatically triggers adjustments in guest room temperature and lighting to achieve energy savings of 25 to 44%.

NOTE: The savings described represent an estimated savings-over-time and are generated from data collected by the manufacturer. Considerations include energy loads, local weather averages, seasonal adjustments, location, actual occupancy, and use of occupancy controls. Actual customer savings and duration of payback period may vary according to customer’s application, installation, operation, and maintenance of the system.”

If you have used a Cassia system please share your experience with our ControlTrends community in comments.

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