Honeywell’s Expanded Valve & Actuator Configurator & Fast Track Project Management Tool

Honeywell 180x120Honeywell has expanded its factory configuration
capability to include threaded globe valve assemblies with electric actuators and Q5020 linkages. The new assembly part numbers are built based on the specifications of the valve, actuator and linkage in the assembly. This enables you to “mix and match” valve/actuator combinations without having to create a lot of new part numbers. Select a valve, actuator, linkage and fail safe/ accessories, then combine them to build an assembly number.

Q5020Click here for pricing and part numbers list. Selecting, configuring and ordering valve and actuator assemblies can be a challenge when there are thousands of options available. With the new Fast Track project management tool you’ll enjoy simplified product selection and project estimation. And carrying your estimate over into a job submittal is a snap. If the part numbering system above contains too many characters for your order management system, Honeywell has also set up short order codes for each configuration. The short order codes can be used when placing orders using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Fast Track and email/fax. V5013

fastrackA Superior Experience: Start using the Fast Track tool today and see for yourself how Honeywell has simplified everything from estimating through delivery and installation. From reducing the time needed for creating estimates and preparing job submittals to more accurate order delivery and easier installation, Honeywell can help you keep your projects on the fast track.

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