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One of the biggest challenges our customers face is how to get quality training in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Finding training is not all that difficult; every controls manufacturer offers some sort of training on their products, and most of it is very good.  The problem is that the training is just on their products and you usually have to fly to places like Minneapolis, Milwaukee, or Rockford.   The cost of the class plus the cost of travel can make this an expensive option unless you only work on one brand of controls (like Honeywell, Johnson, TAC, or Siemens).
Our customers have to work on all of these brands of controls and in theory would have to travel to many locations to complete their controls education.  This is not a new problem; Stromquist and Company created Stromquist U as a solution.  For the last twenty-five years we have provided unique instructors with unique lesson plans.  The instructors we use are not sales people, but folks with technical and contracting backgrounds that have actually worked on the controls that they teach.

Jerry Condiff, who has taught our  pneumatics, VAV, and boiler controls class  for the past ten years is a case in point.  Before teaching, Jerry spent many years in the field.  Jerry understands how complicated troubleshooting and setting up controls and control systems can be and has designed his classes to be unique in that they are mostly  “hands on.”  For the VAV class he sets up a whole air distribution system with a fan and just about every type of VAV box you can imagine.  Check out his set up on Stromquist TV.  Jerry simplifies the process so that when a student comes out of his class they will be able to work on all the different brands and types of controls. His students rave about his class!

Instead of having to travel to several different locations to learn about pneumatic or VAV controls a student can come to Atlanta and receive training on Honeywell, Johnson, Siemiens, KMC, and all the verisions of TAC pneumatic or VAV controls all in the same class.  The two-day pneumatic and VAV classes are only $350 each; the boiler controls class is $300. Budgets may be tight, but if you need people trained this is probably the best value you will find!

We still have some spots in these classes. For more information contact our training coordinator, Edna at 800.241.9471.  Not only can she help with registration, she can help with travel arrangements.

For competitive prices and great service the HVAC and building automation control pros trust Stromquist @ Company

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  1. I have heard great things about boiler operator training you have done in the past for the State of Nebraska. We are looking at holding boiler operator training at a local community college for state of Nebraska employees. What can you tell me about availablility? Are you able to come to Lincoln, Nebraska for training. You are welcome to be in touch with me – Thank you!


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