Siemens Fan Coil Stats – Out with the Old and In with the New

Siemens’ RAA and RAB series of fan coil thermostats are now obsolete and being replaced by the RDG series room thermostats.  They cover a wide range of commercial HVAC applications from roof top units and heat pumps to VAV/CAV control. Ideally suited for light commercial installations such as retail, hospitality, light healthcare and small commercial buildings, they are easy to install and commission. With available programmable scheduling and auxiliary inputs, advanced room control strategies can easily be implemented. Advanced control algorithms and precision control assure maximum comfort control while maximizing energy cost savings for the customers.RDG Series

The RDG110U supports conventional, heat pump, fan coil and chilled ceiling applications. RDG160TU supports the same while adding flexible scheduling support along with ECM fan output. RDG400 features single duct VAV applications with aux heat and floating or modulating damper actuator and valve control.

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