The Importance of Employer Brand in the HVAC Industry

Employer brand- a term that is gaining more recognition as the battle for employment wages on. By definition, employer brand is best described as a company’s ability to present itself as a desirable place to work while attracting the most esteemed applicants. It is a common misconception that the successful development of an employee brand requires a great amount of time, effort and even the help of an outside firm. An appealing employee brand can be developed by simply utilizing internal resources. Some easy and affordable ways to attract the creme de la creme of potential applicants is through implementing an aggressive social media strategy.

Resources such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkIn can broadcast job opening and serve as a medium for communicating with applicants. To hear more about how social media can apply to the HVAC Industry, check out the Controltrends interview with Mitch Joel, the bestselling author of “Six Pixels of Separation”.

Another great approach is aligning with a company like BirdDog that specializes in job placement for the HVAC industry. These tools will quickly allow potential applicants to decide if he or she is a good fit for the job. Developing an employer brand is imperative to attracting the best applicants while keeping pointless interviews to a minimum.


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