An interview with Jim Hayman, CGNA

Jim HaymanJim Hayman joined CGNA in March of 2004 as the Director of Business Development and has helped CGNA grow from 27 to 37 Members and over 50 Preferred Vendors. He came to CGNA from an advertising agency where he worked with the creative team to develop marketing strategies for new accounts with technology companies.

Jim has degrees from Cal-State Fullerton and the University of Nebraska in English. He has written for industry publications and speaks at industry events. Jim and his wife Cheryl reside in Iowa – they have three grown sons, two in college and one married son in the Army.

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For more information about Jim, please visit the CGNA website.

To listen to an enhanced version of this interview including photos click this link: Jim Hayman interview on bliptv

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  1. Eric, nice work getting CGNA summarized succinctly! The interview process with Jim brought a lot of valuable information out quickly. Well done, and I’m looking forward to your next interview. Regards, Ken Smyers

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