HVAC Control Valve Training with Tim Chamblee

Sit in on this valve trying class taught by Tim Chamblee at Stromquist & Company. Tim is a master trainer and in this class he breaks down different HVAC control valve and actuator types and gives you information that will help you select.install and troubleshoot HVAC valves and actuators.

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3 Responses

  1. I’m a 5 year HVAC mechanic at a large hospital. I work with everything you have taught about tonight. Most of my schooling really did not help with what I see day to day. LEARING DDC & functions learned on the fly. Now I would love/Need to learn more of this in a Good school setting. Johnson controls are only 2-3 day classes,so far I am having issues with Schneider online schooling Do you have classes in north Florida Jacksonville area or recommend any? I like how you teach,I click with it. I have issues that our Engineers have been dealing with since installs on large jobs with large issues and from this video I think we can fix them now with changing a valve system and integrating a delta T and p-drop… They are creating a new position where I work with automation systems and fixing issues like this. outside people do not know out systems and where things are located. I am the fix and I need help learning. money is not an issue time and good teachers are. Its hard clicking I am dyslexic and HDHA it is awesome when I can click with learning

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