ACI’s TSENSE — Combination CO2 Sensor with Temperature, RH, & Display

ACI_TSENSE TSENSE is an advanced and versatile 3 in 1 transmitter. Designed for installation in the air conditioned zone, it measures CO2 concentration, temperature, and humidity in the ambient air. The data is transmitted to a BMS system or a stand-alone controller using industry-standard output signals and communication protocols, including BACnet.

TSENSE combines all the necessary elements for effective climate control in commercial office buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, and other facilities. This allows for a comfortable and healthy environment for the occupants. It is flexible in design and is suitable for use in many different energy efficient ventilation strategies.

The TSENSE Series is covered by ACI’s Five (5) Year Limited Warranty.

Some features of the TSENSE include:

-0 to 10 VDC outputs based on 0-2000 ppm, 32-122 degrees F, 0-95% RH
-Relay On/Off, based on 1000/900 ppm (CO2)
-Life expectancy based on 15 years
-Backlit LCD displays: CO2 (ppm), Temperature (F), and Humidity (%RH)
-Touch display menu system

As always, please feel free to call 608-831-2585 or email Barry Gordon, if you have any questions or need assistance!

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