Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving…one holiday not made up by Hallmark…

I am going to take you back a few years to 1620 when the ship “Mayflower” set sail from Plymouth England under the command of Captain Christopher Jones. The Mayflower set sail with 102 passengers bound for religious freedom in the New World. Originally intended to land in Virginia the Mayflower ended up in New England and the setting for this historical tale now was set.

After surviving the first winter with only 53 of the original 102 passengers the colonists with the help of a native named Pawtuvet helped the survivors learn how to hunt, fish, and grow crops. After the growing season the colony celebrated with a three day festival now known to us as Thanksgiving.

I now present you with a quote from William Bradford one of the original Pilgrims that landed so many years ago at Plymouth Rock….. “As one small candle may light a thousand, so the light here kindled hath shone to so many yea in some sort to our whole nation”.

We at Stromquist and Company and Control Trends would like to take this time to wish all our readers, clients, and friends a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Please remember that your one small candle may light the way for many who will in turn light the way for us all.

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