Honeywell Direct Coupled Actuators:New and Improved

If you know anything about Honeywell you know they are always looking for ways to make their products better. If you have been using the Honeywell Direct Coupled actuators like the ML6161 series you are really going to like the way Honeywell has rounded out their direct coupled actuator line. Utilizing a process called “ Voice of the customer”  Honeywell uses to get feed back from the market place, Honeywell has introduced

improvements on their existing direct coupled actuator line and added a whole new series of Honeywell Actuators called Zelix, the

new Zelix spring return direct-coupled actuators were designed to be small but powerful.  They are ideal for valve and damper applications that require a small footprint but lots of torque.   The light, compact package offers 27 or 44 in-lb of torque, which is 25% more than competitive models.

It doesn’t stop there though.  The Zelix actuators have a lot more going for them.  For one, to make selection easier, there are only 7 models per torque level.  With the exclusive Honeywell mode selector, one model can operate in different control modes by just turning a dial.  Another great thing is that they have a self-centering shaft adapter that grabs the shaft with one screw turn,  so you don’t have to waste time with U-bolts.   They also can save time and money during installation since they have a unique wiring access cover that eliminates the need for a junction box.

Stromquist & Company stocks the Honeywell Direct Coupled Actuators in both our Atlanta and Orlando locations. In addition to these actuators being used on damper applications many are used on Honeywell’s line of control ball valves. If you are in Georgia or Florida or are a Stromquist & Company customer please contact us at all others can purchase these great Honeywell products from one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America.

For competitive prices and great service the HVAC and building automation control pros trust Stromquist @ Company

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