Honeywell LCBS Connect — A Ground Breaking Cloud-Based Light Commercial Control Solution for Service Contracting Professionals

LCBS Connect™ Cloud-Based Light Commercial Control: Improve service to your customers and grow your business with Honeywell’s LCBS Connect. Remote HVAC system monitoring and diagnostics help you better serve your customers while spending less time in your truck.

LCBS Connect™ Cloud-Based Light Commercial Control:

* Monitor and troubleshoot light commercial buildings from anywhere at anytime
* Operate more efficiently by remotely diagnosing problems and providing preventive maintenance
* Handle issues before your customers are even aware of them
* Grow customer satisfaction and retain service contracts
* When you do need to get in the truck, you’ll make one trip instead of several
* The efficiencies let you service more buildings without adding staff
* The ideal solution for all your light commercial customers

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