Honeywell’s JADE Economizer and New Economizer Tools

Honeywell 180x120JADE Economizer and New Economizer Tools. Three new economizer tools are now available for free to download at: tools.

The New Savings Estimator has a new look and updated features which include: Selectable enthalpy changeover curves for using the “A, B C or D” OR JADETM economizer boundaries
•Selectable “Fixed dry bulb limit” to match the codes in your region
•Estimates the number of hours the building is outside of comfort zone (RH>60%)
•Option of ventilation compliance (ASHRAE 90.1 or California Title 24)
•Larger screen
•Differential temperature control strategy
•Ability to modify building cooling/heating capacity (oversized equipment)
•Ability to change accuracy of sensors
•Ability to add % of damper leakage when closed

New Economizer Design and Application Manual: The latest revision of the Economizer Technical Reference Manual is now available for free download at tools or for order through the Honeywell literature site (form 63-8594-01).

Technical Manual Features: The technical manual has a new look and updates that include:
•Elimination of some old analog economizer controllers and wiring diagrams
•Addition of the JADE economizer (W7220) system
•New section on sensors
•Addition of checkout procedures for W7212, economizer sensors and JADE.
•Simulator for W7212
•Demo for JADE
•Economizer estimator
•New cross reference

Tech Tips to Change Old Analog Economizers to New JADE Economizers: Technical tips, with step-by-step instructions on how to change out the older analog economizers to the JADE economizer, are now available for free download at tools. There are 11 tech tips that will assist technicians on how to easily replace old units in the field.

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