Honeywell’s Q5020 Linkage Assembly Improvement

Honeywell 180x120 Honeywell is pleased to announce that the Q5020 globe valve linkage has been improved. In addition, Honeywell obsoleted the Q5020B and replaced it with the Q5020A model.

Product Information: The Q5020 linkage mounting plate has been redesigned to work seamlessly with our 27-300 lb-in actuator models. We extended the existing center channel of the mounting plate to accommodate all actuator sizes and mouniting configurations. The new linkage design greatly reduces the installation time.
Q5020 globe valve linkages connect a Honeywell direct coupled actuator (DCA) to a steam or water globe valve:
• Used with two-way and three-way globe valves up to 3 inches
• Used with 27, 44, 88 and 175 lb-in spring return and 35, 70, 44, 88, 175 and 300 non-spring return DCAs
• Quick and simple installation with no disassembly required
• Heavy-duty steel rack and pinion construction and Aluminum Die-cast housing
• Flexible actuator mounting orientation
Please refer to the Q5020 Product Data literature (63-2552) for more detailed information.

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