It’s early, around 5:15 in the morning. The sun is not up and there is a crispy coolness to the morning that brings a small shudder that reminds me to turn on the heater in the truck. Traveling north on A1A I leave the lights of the city and I plunge into the darkness. The only light I see is coming from my truck’s headlights and the small amount of light displaying the gauges on my dash board.

You see, I headed out to do one of my favorite past times when I am alone and this morning has a very special feeling to it.

It’s Thanksgiving morning and I am alone with my thoughts. My wife and children are gathered together in Chicago celebrating Thanksgiving. I was not able to make the trip because of work related responsibilities but that’s ok, this time alone allows me a unique perspective on what this day is about.

To me Thanksgiving is a day of true sharing. When we gather together for Thanksgiving we are expressing what we are truly thankful for. Family and friends are and should be at the top of the list but I think there is more to it than that so this trip is my way of seeking out the part of Thanksgiving that I am also thankful for.

The miles go by as I remember past Thanksgivings with my parents and my wife’s parents who are no longer with us and I am thankful for those memories. I remember old friends and old dogs that I will never see again and I am thankful for those memories. I think about fellow employees and clients, and how blessed  I am to be working with them.

The sun is starting to rise and I think of one thing that I am truly grateful for….The beauty of life itself and the ability to see it….. Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Control Trends and Stromquist and Company.



These Photographs taken by Bill Jones Thanksgiving morning 2012



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  1. Mr. Jones, Very beautiful words and pictures. The ControlTrends Community is “Thankful” for your wonder contributions.

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