Thermal Imaging Cameras What you need to know

When it comes to Thermal Imaging Cameras for the commercial buildings market there are several things to take into consideration.  First , how and where will your thermal imaging camera be used? There are all kinds of thermal imaging cameras with different prices, quality levels and things that they can do. For commercial buildings we like the Testo Thermal Imagining Cameras.


Testo offers a range of thermal imaging cameras specifically for commercial building applications. When buying a camera for building applications you should expect to spend between three to seven thousand dollars depending on which options you  need with your camera. Options include things like what kind and how many lenses  you need, camera options, software, and carrying cases. No way around it these thermal imaging cameras are expensive. So it is important to have a plan as to how you are going to use your camera to justify its purchase. The good news is that with all the things a thermal imaging camera can do, payback on them is almost immediate. If you are an HVAC contractor, a camera like the Testo 875 will allow you to do energy  surveys on buildings and show your customers how  their buildings are losing energy. With the Testo software it is very easy to generate reports to present to your customers. A thermal imaging camera like the Testo will also allow you to easily check for things like  mold, and hot spots in motors and  electrical panels. Once you invest in one and start using it you will wonder how you ever survived without a thermal camera.

To learn more about these amazing devices contact your sales professional at Stromquist & Company. If you are in Atlanta and want to participate in a Testo lunch and learn (Tuesday November 16 at Stromquist Company 11:30-1:30 ), in which the Testo Thermal Imaging Cameras and the Testo Combustion Analyzers will be covered, contact Edna at 404.794.3440 to reserve your spot. If you can’t come to Stromquist we will be broadcasting the Testo presentation live, for log on information email

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