A Happy New Year

Well, in a couple of days the hands of time will approach the New Year. Before those hands reach the “Twelve O’ Clock” hour, Control Trends would like to thank all our readers and contributors for a great 2012.

Take a moment to think about what all the contractors, wholesalers, manufacturers, and you accomplished this year. From the big sale that might have helped build that school, that church, or that hospital, to the small sale that allowed heat to warm an older couple at home. This is what we do… so take a moment to look back and appreciate your accomplishments.

Our jobs in some way helps to create comfort everyday for millions of people throughout this country.

When that second hand of the clock strikes 2013 remember with PRIDE the year 2012 and carry that PRIDE over to 2013 and have  a HAPPY NEW YEAR.


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Thank You your friends at,

Control Trends

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  1. For New Year’s eve I will be playing my drums with my online band. We plan to rock our way into 2013. I want to thank my Stromquist & company for welcoming me into there family in 2012.

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