Check out Johnson Controls Entry into the 2017 ControlTrends Awards Most Impactful Marketing Collateral of the Year Award

Not only has Johnson Controls created a formidable entry into the RACE TO THE SMALL SPACE AWARD, with the Verasys™ light commercial control system,their stellar marketing team has created a wonderful video showing off the new system,which makes them a prime contender in the ControlTrends Awards Most Impactful Marketing Collateral (Video, Product Rollout, etc…) of the Year. If you would like to see more go to the ControlTrends Awards Voting ballot and check out all our finalists and vote!

Accodimg to Johnson Controls Verasys™, is “the first plug-and-play controls system that integrates heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) equipment and controls.

Verasys offers customers in the light commercial market a flexible, one-source procurement solution with advanced technology already embedded for the self-discovery of Smart Equipment™. Suitable for single- or multi-zone applications, the new controls system seamlessly connects to a vast range of mechanical and electrical equipment, controls and sensors using wireless configurations that result in cost savings. Verasys accomplishes this without requiring any special programming tools, ensuring low installation costs.

Verasys equips contractors with a complete solution

Configurable controllers provide simple settings for implementation, but contractors have the option to change defaults to meet their unique requirements. Verasys also empowers them to offer a complete bundled solution of Smart Equipment and controls that work with third-party, package equipment for greater application, flexibility and protection of existing investments. And because the system communicates using BACnet® MSTP, Verasys integrates with Metasys® or any third-party BACnet system. Contractors will also appreciate new opportunities to service equipment, thanks to optional fault detection and diagnostics that immediately deliver alarm notifications via email or text.

Building operators experience unprecedented access to information

For building operators, Verasys provides unprecedented, remote access anytime, anywhere over a secure internet connection using PCs, smartphones and tablets. The controls system connects users to data streams from smart controls in rooftop units, fan coils, zone dampers, heat pumps, refrigeration systems, lighting panels and more. With real-time data, building operators can identify and troubleshoot issues remotely and take advantage of insightful solutions that deliver the quality and value their facilities require.

Building operators will also appreciate simple graphics that provide fast access to information, enabling them to take advantage of a new level of insight into building operations. Immediate access to critical information ensures energy efficiency and lower operating costs throughout a building’s life cycle. Users can identify issues before they result in unplanned downtime, and equipment life is extended. The advanced level of control flexibility, including scheduling, alarming, setpoints and more, also saves time, increases productivity and results in facilities that better serve occupants.”

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