ControlTrends Award Nominee for Most Valuable Support Person of 2012: Honeywell/Vykon’s Laura Kevitt

Controltrends Awards congratulates Honeywell/Vykon nominee Laura Kevitt for being selected as one of the five finalists for the Most Valuable Support Person of 2012! Laura’s positive impact is well recognized throughout the Niagara Community, particularly in the security markets, where her extensive experience allows Laura to provide C-Level sales support, as well as technical expertise in access control, video, and building management integrations.

Pat Trainor, Cochrane Supply, provided this comment: “Laura has been an excellent asset to Cochrane Supply for years. Laura was especially valuable to us when we first entered into the security market. Laura shared a tremendous amount of technical knowledge with us; she also educated us on the lingo and business practices common to the security world.”

Tim Penatzer, QMS, added: “Laura Kevitt provided critical technical information and sales support required to implement a highly visible security application that extended an existing Niagara Framework. Because we were providing a fully-integrated turn-key project in some newly charted waters, Laura’s competent assistance was instrumental in our successful solution.

CTA Awards congratulates Laura Kevitt and wishes Laura well in this fiercely competitive category. To support Laura, you must register to vote to receive a voting ballot in January! Please note, we will not share your information with anyone and we will only send you information regarding the ControlTrends Awards.

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