CTA AWARDS MEDIA SPONSOR SALUTE: AutomatedBuildings.com and The Mighty Flair of Ken Sinclair

Few HVAC professionals possess the industry expertise and experience, as well as the determined endurance of a marathon runner — and the artistic eye and passion for excellence, as owner and publisher of AutomatedBuildings, Ken Sinclair.

For over 12 years, Ken Sinclair’s AutomatedBuildings.com has served as an online magazine and web resource (that features a free searchable platform) connecting the world at large to the newest information, insights, cardinal documents, articles, and interviews Automated Buildings that have literally shaped the smart, intelligent, integrated, connected, green, and converged large buildings.

Ken Sinclair continues to set the pace on the media high road of the HVAC industry and has helped to tame and organize the HVAC’s virtual frontier, fraught with its technical challenges and arduous applications. Ken Sinclair makes this immense expenditure of labor and mastery of tools look easy, and we all greatly appreciate his services!

CTA Awards thanks Ken Sinclair and AutomatedBuildings.com for being a CTA Media Sponsor.

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