CTA Awards Nominee for Best Building Management Application: PANOPTIX from Johnson Controls

The following video is from Johnson Controls YouTube and the written presentation is from Johnson Controls at Greenbuild 2012: Building Efficiency, Reinvented.

You probably don’t remember when the electric thermostat was invented, but we do. It was 125 years ago, and it was the catalyst for the concept of building efficiency. We have been innovating and improving on this concept for over a century. And now, we’ve reinvented it with the introduction of our Panoptix® solution.

What if your buildings could think for themselves? Tell you when a system needed repair or tuning? What if they could diagnose and even self-correct problems before they occur? Or advise you how to reduce energy consumption or improve occupant comfort.

You might think this is a far fetched concept that is reserved for the newest and most sophisticated buildings of the future. But in fact, it’s a reality that has already started with the introduction of the Panoptix solution. From new buildings to the world’s oldest structures, it’s time your buildings talked back.

These buildings won’t just inform you. They’ll inspire you.

Panoptix something fantastic from Johnson Controls

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