Functional Devices Introduces the RIBTW24B-BCAO Analog Output Network Device

Functional_Devices This week Functional Devices released yet another innovative product that gives users a low cost and convenient solution loaded with features. The Enclosed BACnet® MS/TP Network Relay Device; One Binary Output (20 Amp Relay SPDT + Override); One Binary Input (Dry Contact, Class 2); One Analog Voltage Output (0-5 Vdc / 0-10 Vdc); One Analog Current Output (4-20 mA); 24 Vac/dc Power Input; Optional End of Line Resistor (EOL) Included.

rib_imageThermistor Specifications: Thermistor Type 2 (T2) Precon 10 K @ 77°F (25°C) PN ST-R24, Model 24, (or equivalent.) Thermistor Type 3 (T3) Precon 10 K @ 77°F (25°C) Model 3, (or equivalent). Thermistor not included.

• -35 to 10°C range in 1° steps;-31 to 50°F range in 1.8° steps; 10 to 32°C range in 0.1° steps; 50 to 90°F range in 0.18° steps 32; 100°C range in 1° steps; and 90 to 212°F range in 1.8° steps.

• PIC Statement available on website:

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