Heat Up Your Space while saving 30-70 % on your energy bill

If you have space in a warehouse, plant, or even an office that could stand to heat up in this cold weather, consider an infrared heater from Space Ray.

Space-Ray offers tube heaters in natural or propane gas that are designed for maximum radiant output and are CSA design certified.  The LTU series offers great flexibility for commercial and industrial heating needs.   The unitized design allows lower installation costs, simple re-arrangement within the facility, and less maintenance.  The u-tube configuration of these heaters offers a large radiating surface for more uniform heat distribution at the floor level. These models are especially suited for lower mounting heights and may be mounted horizontally or up to an angle of 45°.  In addition, the self-contained draft inducer can be rotated up to 90°, adding to the installation flexibility.

Space-Ray also offers CSA design certified ceramic heaters in natural or propane gas.  The high intensity heaters have a porous ceramic emitter designed to operate in the 1600°F to 1800°F temperature range.  These units may be suspended hanging horizontally to direct the heat straight down or up to a 45° angle to direct the heat into a designated area. With the reflector options available, they may be mounted at a variety of mounting heights and angles for a wide selection of heating applications, including control options that allow for heater installation where no power supply is available.  These units are suited primarily for spot and area heating. Another option for spot and area heating is the ever popular Space Ray Floor model, these units have been around for years and proven themselves as the choice when you need a heater that you can easily move around. The Space ray floor models are great for construction sites.

Space Ray also manufactures radiant heaters for poultry houses.  Radiant Heaters operate using the same principle as the sun. Before heating the air, radiant warmth is delivered directly to the birds and litter area where it’s needed most. This radiant warmth helps to dry out the litter area and keep ammonia levels lower. It also creates a thermal reservoir which stores the heat and maintains a warmer litter area. This radiant heat transfer method results in fuel savings which will continue year after year.

The biggest reason people use Space Ray infra red heaters is that they save any where between 30% to 70% in fuel savings over forced air systems. In addition because of the simple design of the Space Ray radiant heaters the cost to maintain Space Ray Heaters is virtually zero. Many Space Ray  customers report a payback of less than 13 months.

To see how these heaters work follow this link. If you are in Georgia or Florida contact Stromquist & Company to arrange an energy analysis of your building to see how much money Space Ray infra red heaters can cut your energy costs while heating up your space.

For competitive prices and great service the HVAC and building automation control pros trust Stromquist @ Company

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