Holidays and the Wholesaler

The last telephone call comes in and it is a good one. I look over at the fax machine and it is empty of faxes, another good thing. My day is done, but it was like no other day during the year.

As I walk out the door final goodbyes are given and someone shuts off the office lights. The evening is crisp just around the thirty five degree mark outside but it’s “that time of year” as they say.

A smile comes over me, you know, one of those smiles of satisfaction that works its way out from deep inside you. A smile, that gives you a little pat on the back, reinforcing a since of a job well done and a promise of good things to come.

The drive home tonight seems to be a little different too. Even though the traffic is probably the same as usual I don’t mind it as much and it seems to flow as good as the thoughts in my mind.

I drive into my neighborhood and the color of the lights and displays are dazzling. Yes my friends, it’s the holidays that special time of year when your thoughts turn to friends and family more than any other time of the year.

We at Stromquist and Company along with Control Trends wish you and yours a very happy Holiday Season. So, on that last drive home for the Holidays, remember all your friends and family and how special they are in your lives and maybe that Holiday drive home for you will be the best of the year for you too…..

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