Honeywell MVN Actuator Update: Short Order Codes Now Available

Honeywell 180x120In October, Honeywell released the MVN Rotary Valve Actuator that is used with the VBN and VRN valve product families. This innovative actuator provides easy assembly and dramatically cuts installation time. The new compact design and flexible wiring configurations give installers the ability to meet strict requirements for any project.
• Easy click-on mounting of actuator to valve – No Tools required
• 3 Nm torque for use with valve sizes from 1/2″ to 1-1/4”
• Conduit connection and cable strain relief on all models
• Removable terminal block for fast wiring
• Smart tagging and assembly for FREE! MVN_VALVE
• 5-year warranty

MVN_template If the part numbering system across contains too many characters for your order management system, Honeywell has also set up “short order codes” for each configuration. The short order codes or the variant configuration part number can be used when placing orders using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Fast Track and email/faxed orders. Both part numbers are shown in the MVN Automatic Cross Reference & Price List.

Note: Based on customer feedback, the short order codes have changed to reflect the part numbers from the old product families. The new short order codes will have meaning behind each character. Please see the example in the illustration above where each digit is defined.

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