Installations and Terminations Training

Our newest employee, Paul Morin, recently conducted a training class on installations and terminations.  Before coming to work for Stromquist, Paul worked in HVAC contracting so he knows a lot about the industry.  He is a very sharp guy and a great teacher.  His class covered methods of wiring, different types of wiring and cables, VAV box schedules, mechanical drawings and much more.   After the class, those in attendance said it was very beneficial and that they really learned a lot from it.  One attendee said that what he learned in the class will definitely help him on future installations and wiring.  The class was received so well that we are going to have Paul teach it again after the first of the year.  We will post more information on it when we get it scheduled, so be on the lookout and plan to attend if you’re in the Atlanta area.

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