KMC an American Family Manufacture

Stromquist and Company has always been proud of our business family roots. Like so many other family businesses, traditions and pride have always been a key source of their business success coupled with insight, good employees, and a touch of willingness to take a few risks.


Doing a little research for this article I came across a manufacture whose tradition of producing a quality product is a summation of these qualities and Stromquist and Company is proud to represent such a manufacturer.


Since 1955 KMC (Kreuter) has been a family owned and operated manufacture. With employees with an adverage of 16 years of experience I had the opportunity yesterday (4/24/2012) to speak with Stace in Customer Service and now I truly understand KMC’s efforts in keeping the business a “Family Affair”. Stace was a pleasure to talk with and made me feel down right happy in the experience.


Please view the enclosed videos from KMC and you will “GET IT”. Thanks KMC and keep up the good work.




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