Belimo Retrofit Solutions

Valves and actuators play an integral part in the proper functioning of HVAC systems.  When properly installed and functioning correctly they boost the performance and efficiency of integrated building technology. But like with any equipment, there comes a time when valves and actuators need to be replaced for a variety of reasons.

Damaged linkages and/or actuators lead to poor functioning of the HVAC system, which results in loss of energy efficiency, consumer comfort, time, and labor. Replacing a valve along with the actuator, or trying to determine how to fix an airside linkage, is not always a sensible solution. Taking a system off-line to replace various components is not only laborious, it’s expensive. Facilities can lose thousands of dollars a day during maintenance shut-down. With Belimo’s retrofit solutions, this problem goes away. Valve and damper applications can be quickly and conveniently restored without any interruption in service. In fact, entire systems can often be updated in a day. A poorly functioning or even non-functioning system can be transformed into a high functioning, more efficient system.

Belimo provides many retrofits that are compatible with all major control systems, so there is no need to replace other system controls. MFT Technology is also available and can be re-programmed to suit your controller needs with just one MFT model actuator.

If it’s time to replace any actuators or valves in your building or plant, consider a retrofit solution from Belimo.  Someone from Stromquist, along with Belimo, will be glad to assist you with the change.

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