Honeywell’s Pressure Regulated Flow Control Valves

Honeywell has introduced a new HVAC control valve technology that improves temperature control and lowers installation cost by eliminating manual balancing valves. The VRN and VRW series valves provide controlled flow, independent of pressure fluctuations in the system.

When conventional two-way valves in multi-zone systems open or close, the pressure-flow characteristic of the pumps causes an immediate head pressure change to all other valves in the system, resulting in overflow or underflow and the need for manual balancing.  With Honeywell’s new VRN and VRW series, one valve integrates the balancing function and control valve function while providing a level of dynamic flow. The dynamic pressure regulator adapts to changing pressures and flows on the supply side of the system, and keeps the flow and energy delivery exactly where specified.  In traditional systems, pressure fluctuations could affect the flow across the coils, impacting efficient energy transfer.

Dynamic pressure regulation maintains the required flow rate through the valve by regulating the pressure drop across the control valve seat. The actuator modulates the control valve portion of the valves to the required flow based on heating or cooling load requirements, independent of supply pressure. Flow won’t change until the control system needs to respond to an external change in thermal load or a change in set point. The result is consistent comfort, increased energy efficiency and increased actuator life.

Click here  to learn more about the VRN and VRW valves.

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