New Actuator From Belimo

Stromquist & Company is pleased to announce a new actuator from Belimo USA. Belimo created the new AFBUP Series Actuator to  offer Quality, Reliability and Technical Superiority. One of the really impressive things about Belimo is the quality testing they do with their products. Although the Belimo actuator shown in this video is not a Belimo AFBUP you get the idea

One of the big features Belimo put into this new Belimo actuator is more power supply voltages. The range goes from 24 to 240 vac or you can have 24 to 125 vdc,  so installation costs should be lowered and you don’t have to worry about having the right transformer, nice thinking Belimo !

The New Belimo AFBUP outputs 180 in-lb min. torque (+35%); driving dampers up to 45 square feet!
More torque with the lowest transformer size and power consumption ratings in the industry, saves energy.
Reduced edge to shaft center distance to fit in tight spaces.
Universal power supply can accept between 24 and 240 VAC; one actuator for all voltages. No transformer available? No problem!
The new Belimo AFBUP spring return actuators provide more features in a smaller housing, about 25% smaller! Low power consumption with increased torque to 180 in-lb offers a new solutions for control dampers, control valves and retrofit applications.
A wide selection of clamping options, electrical connections and running times are now available providing you a cost effective solution with the same reliability you have come to experience with Belimo.


Belimo AFUP spring return actuator is suitable for use in control dampers up to 45 square feet, air handling units, control valve, retrofit and replacement solutions and tandem mounted applications where higher torque is required.

People in the HVAC industry have come to expect unquie products and solutions from Belimo and the Belimo AFUP is another example of Belimo ingenuity.

Stromquist & Company is proud to be a Belimo Platinum distributor. If you have a Belimo need and are a Stromquist customer or are located in Georgia or Florida please contact Stromquist & Company for all your Belimo and control needs if you are not contact one of our affilates at Controls Group North America to take care of your Belimo needs locally.

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