Schneider Electric Has a Hit with The New MG350 SmartX Actuators

Awesome video and cool new actuator series from Schneider Electric. The SmartX MG 350 is the first NEW SmartX Actuator released globally. It is designed to control two and three-way globe valves in a wide range of applications. The MG350 SmartX Actuator is the platform for the future, acting as the foundation of both a SmartStruxure™ solution and SmartStruxure Lite solution. The critical information delivered by the actuator helps the BMS operate at optimal efficiency.

Our Favorite things about the MG350:

Alarms–the MG350 will give you visual indication of valve motion and alarms if the valve is blocked, if your linage is loose, or if you loose your control signal

Small Footprint

Multi colored LED that indicates the valve mode and valve position

Auto Calibration

Easy Dip Switch setup for input signal and action

It is a global platform: 4 models will handle the majority of your applications

Reach out to your local CGNA Elite Controls distributor to find to more

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