Honeywell Controlinks Part 1

Yes, there is an answer! The never ending questions from clients about boiler energy savings, maximizing burner efficiency, reducing emissions and reduced excess air, increased equipment life, increased system reliability, flexibility and increased safety can now be answered.

With ever increasing popularity the Honeywell “Controlinks” fuel air ratio commercial/industrial combustion controls are sweeping the market.

To look at the future we need to understand how boiler efficiency was dealt with in the past. When a boiler is first commissioned at a new site the combustion efficiency is set by the installer using a combustion analyzer and adjusting the single modulating motor with jackshafts and their linkages to the fuel valve and air damper to achieve the best combustion efficiency. This “setup” during startup fixes the air-to-fuel ratio over the firing range of the boiler. Over time environmental and physical changes will reduce this “optimum” setup. Changes in temperature, pressure, and humidity, along with physical wear on the linkages and jackshafts, will alter the fixed air-to-fuel ratio causing increased operating and maintenance costs. The weakest “link” in this system is the linkage so let’s go “LINKAGELESS.”

The basic Honeywell Controlinks system consists of an R7999 Controlinks Controller, Q7999 Universal Subbase, ZM7999 Commissioning Software, and the ML7999 Universal Parallel Positioning Actuator (UPPA).

How the Controlinks system works… Four separate UPPAs (ML7999) replace the single actuator used with mechanical cam and linkage systems, providing independent control of the combustion air damper, the primary fuel, the secondary fuel, and the Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) damper if used. The UPPAs (ML7999) are controlled by the Controlinks Controller (R7999), which responds to the load, and firing rate demands setup by the installer using a combustion efficiency analyzer throughout the boiler run/load cycle.

R7999 Controlinks Controller

ML7999 Controlinks Actuator

My next post will be on commissioning the Controlinks system, followed by a discussion on Controlinks features.

Let Stromquist and Company help you with your Honeywell Controlinks needs by calling us at 1-800-241-9471 or contacting one of our many CGNA members.

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