A Boiler Upgrade that saves Fuel, Energy, while Reducing Operating Costs

Traditional boiler safety control has been virtually the same since long before any of us were born. On a call for heat: check your limits, light a pilot, sense a flame, open gas valves and continue to run your boiler until your load is satisfied, or one of your limits trips, or you no longer sense a flame. Easy, unless your boiler shuts down and you are the one who has to figure out how to make it start again.

Outside of a once a year boiler tune up, the concept of boiler fuel and energy savings is non existent for most boiler operators. With increasing fuel costs, boiler operators are looking for practical ways to save fuel.

Thanks to Honeywell, and a new Combustion system called the Honeywell Delphi, things have never been better in the Boiler combustion world. Notice I used the word “system.” Until Honeywell introduced this revolutionary concept of a “boiler control system”, a Boiler was controlled by individual control components such as the flame relay, flame sensor, low water cutoff, pressure switches, and gas valves. All of these components are a critical part of any flame safety strategy and are included in the honeywell Delphi System. The difference is that Honeywell has taken a different approach and is using these inputs with a Delphi panel to diagnose problems when the boiler safety system shuts the boiler down. This diagnostic information greatly reduces down time by enabling a boiler operator to go straight to the problem instead of going through a lengthly trouble shooting process.

In addition the Delphi allows precise control of fuel and air valves to get maximum fuel and energy savings. With different fuel-air ration curves available, from the graphically beautiful and easy to use touch screen, on the front of the Delphi panel setting up a burner has never been easier. With the addition of lead lag control and remote communications the Delphi, although a little pricey, is a great investment that will pay for itself many times over.

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