Honeywell Controlinks Part 2

The ML7999 Universal Parallel Positioning Actuator allows for a direct connection to fuel valves and dampers in the boiler system, thereby eliminating mechanical linkages. The ML7999 actuator is designed to operate combustion air dampers, butterfly gas valves, oil modulation valves, and flue gas recirculation systems requiring up to 100 lb-in torque. Each ML7999 has its own ID, so when the R7999 communicates with the ML7999 it is communicating with only the ML7999 chosen for commissioning. The R7999 Controlinks Controller is a microprocessor feature driven controller. The controller must be commissioned by using the ZM7999 software on a PC or laptop using a minimum operating system of Windows 95 or the S7999B System Display.

Commissioning consists of five basic steps:

1. Connect the R7999 to the communications port of your PC and logon to the software with a password. The password prevents the changing of your modulation curve without permission.

2. Specify the base configuration: one or two fuels, with or without FGR.

3. Select system parameters such as Low Fire Hold.

4. Specify the characteristics of the actuators (ML7999) and set the valve/damper end points for each actuator.

5. Create a modulation curve (profile) for each fuel and verify it from maximum to minimum modulation. This curve can have up to 20 points on the curve to allow for smooth money saving transitions from start to stop.

ML7999 Controlinks UPPA actuator

Commissioning of the ML7999 basically consists of location of the minimum and maximum open/closed position of the valve/damper and locking down the actuator.

Working together, the ML7999 and the R7999 allow the burner fuel to air ratio to be adjusted independently to maximize burner efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, which typically pays for the Controlinks system within one year.

S7999B1000 Controlinks Touch Screen

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