Proper Heat Exchanger Piping

Over the years I have been asked how to properly pipe a steam heat exchanger. I developed the drawing below to help answer this question. There are other piping additions that can be added according to your needs, and this drawing does not cover all the additions but should serve as a good workable starting point. A few points to remember…1. A vacuum breaker and/or vent should be installed…. 2. The steam trap should be properly sized for the amount of the pounds per hour steam capacity of the heat exchanger, and the trap should be sized for the pressure at the trap not for the inlet pressure of the control valve…3. A properly sized relief valve must be installed on the hot water outlet side to protect the heat exchanger from possible damage due to volumetric expansion.

I hope this answers some questions you may have. If you need more answers please call Stromquist and Company at 1-800-241-9471, and we would be happy to finalize an answer for you.

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