The Mystery of the Delphi: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Mystery of the Delphi

It was the oracle at Delphi that told Honeywell to build it, “build it and they will buy.” But the oracle was having a bad vision day.

GOOD: The idea of optimum efficiency is a golden fleece. Sobers up everyone in the room instantly. Instinctively, they inch forward in their seats. They’ve heard this odyssey a thousand times, but they still pay very close attention. The Delphi is a marketing muse and withstands the harshest scrutiny — with all her bells and whistles. But that’s where the siren ends. Delphi sinks and we don’t know why.

BAD: Present situation: Many loyal distributors who walked the early plank to sell the Delphi in earnest, are getting their dance cards signed and handed back, as Honeywell enlists a whole new set of dance partners, who didn’t partner the early investments. Tension builds.

UGLY: Is Delphi overly sophisticated, or too expensive? No. Could it be the Herculean cost of the actuators? Not really. Have Siemens and Fireye outmaneuvered Honeywell in the combustion race? They get their share of blood, to be sure, but that’s not it! Are the graphics Boring-rated? Not even.

Blame it on the weather? Is the ambulance chase to boiler room over? Is the beautifully sculpted blue panel the wrong color, though it matches the RM7800s so well? Boilers sure do look less and less like the railroad cars they used to… Are they giving their data directly to the BMS without Delphi? Yes.

Now, the Matrix movie oracle was a little different than the Delphi oracle. She gave Neo chocolate chip cookies and said, “you’re not the one,” or something like that.

Every once in a while, Clint gets stumped and needs some good old-fashioned help, whatever. So, I’m throwing a lifeline out there to the Controltrends community to shine some insight and industry experience onto this mystery, so we can either learn and sell, or file Delphi under lessons learned and bury her under ancient history. Help solve the mystery of Delphi in the comments section. Call in the calvary by “emailing this post to a friend” just click on the last icon above the about the author box. The more discussion and ideas we get going the better chance of solving the mystery and saving the Delphi. Everyone with a decent comment get’s one of Clint’s favorite cigars sent Pony Express.

On Another Note: Controltrends always wants to know about your experience, opinions, and knowledge. We offer and respect anonymity (be tasteful of course) to the extent that the members of Controltrends Community are invited to get into the act and join Clint’s Posse and write your own GOOD,BAD, and UGLY comments and blogs pertaining to the HVAC and Controls Industry. Take a break from the chores this weekend, and have some fun — and make some long-lasting impressions and help the Clint thing grow. The winner of the best GBU each week, decided on Mondays, gets a $20.00 Strabucks Gift Card. Clint only drinks his coffee black, but he won’t hold it against you if you order one of those girlie frappuccino drinks.

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  1. Clint, Great stuff keep on keeping on ! Don’t back down.

    My Good: I am healthy and have a great family
    My Bad: Wish I made more money
    My Ugly: The pimple on my a–

  2. Good :HVAC Contracting Business is good

    Bad: I am having to work harder for the same amount of money

    Ugly: If the Johnson Branches are bulling independent contractors out of jobs, well that is just plain Texas Ugly

    I like your posts !

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