Honeywell Delphi Boiler Control System

Stromquist & Company sold the first Delphi control systems in the United States. We are pleased to report that the installation of this advanced flamesafeguard system was very easy and our customer is thrilled with how well the system is working. Check out Matt’s demo of the amazing new Honeywell Delphi System!

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6 Responses

  1. I understand many of the objetives of the delphi system. A phew question if you dont mind, i will like to be answred.
    1. Can i apply the system either to a fire-tube boiler or water-tube boiler? or what realy matters is the buner?
    2. what about the boiler capacities where i can apply my delphi system (talking about boiler horse power)?
    3. I understand it´s a closed loop system (with a O2 trimm feedback) but then a read ( that the system is based on flow curves,that in my understanding, it means that it follows a pre-set curve and not an actual correction (of fuel-air) according to the reading of the output combustion gases read by the O2 sensor.
    4. How can the O2 sensor distinguish between CO and CO2.
    5. Can i read all my data and modify setpoitns and many other settings with a remote computer (on a control room) communicated via modbus?

    I Thank you in advanced for your help.

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