American Boiler Manufacturers Association Celebrates 125th Year Anniversary!

abma_logoAmerican Boiler Manufacturers Association Celebrates 125 Year Anniversary!

At the first convention of the American Boiler Manufacturers Association in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 16, 1889 – following the organization’s founding in 1888 — the boiler manufacturers assembled – true craftsmen of their day who knew and respected good materials and honest workmanship – laid the cornerstone of what was to be the Association’s first Constitution and Bylaws and its commitment through the ages:

“To establish such standard for materials and workmanship as will ensure uniform excellence of construction of all American Boilers, and thus secure safety to the lives and property of all communities where boilers are used, and to procure the passage of laws making the manufacture, sale or use of inferior materials criminal offenses….”

Already the oldest nonprofit manufacturing trade association in America, the American Boiler Manufacturers Association proudly begins its 125th Year on January 1, 2013, still staunchly dedicated to the principles of its founders and the values reflected not only in its founding documents but in the integrity of its member companies.

Today, a century-and-a-quarter later, a member company of the American Boiler Manufacturers Association is not just another steam, hot water or combustion equipment company … it is part of a tradition and legacy of excellence and signals its exceptional commitment and obligation to the market, to its customers and to the public to deliver safe, efficient, clean and reliable hot water, comfort heating, process steam, heat recovery and electricity-generating steam systems.

The over 100 ABMA small-business manufacturer and supplier members in 24 states across America and several countries overseas listed in this Directory of Members’ Products and Services bring to you time-honed experience and expertise, modern, state-of-the-art technology and innovative ideas and applications, along with a can-so spirit to address any boiler-generated steam or hot water challenge you may be confronting.

So, during this celebration of the American Boiler Manufacturers Association’s Quasquicentennial, with a spring in its step, a twinkle in its eyes and a renewed commitment to the membership and industry it represents, ABMA takes great pride once again in making available to the market place this anthology of clean, efficient, fuel-flexible, affordable and technologically-advanced products and equipment and the companies that design, fabricate and supply them … truly …the best of the boiler industry!

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