Honeywell Iris Flame Scanning Systems

The Honeywell Iris scanner is the technology of monitoring the flame of industrial combustion digitally.  Iris scanners are used in the petro chemical, power generation, as well as applications where the detection, monitoring, and control of furnaces, and boilers are required.

Scanning the flame produced from burners is not anything new in the flame safeguard controls industry so what makes Iris so uniquely special?

In short Iris will allow you to fine tune, to the application, the Ultraviolet, Infrared or a combination of the Ultraviolet and the Infrared light spectrum produced by combustion.

Honeywell Iris systems are composed of two basic points of control the Viewing Head aka the scanner and the Signal Processor.

The Viewing Heads are the eyes of the system. Each different Viewing Head is designed to “read” the (Ultraviolet, Infrared or combination of each) spectrums of light or flames which are produced by the combustion process. Each of the UV Viewing Heads available by Iris responds to different spectral ranges produced by combustion expressed by nm (nanometers).  Other Viewing Heads (Infrared) work on a flicker signal. All flames create a flicker component . The flicker frequencies emitted from flames range from 0-2000 HZ.











As you can tell the Viewing Heads of the Honeywell Iris system are quite diverse. The signals from the Viewing Heads are transferred to the Signal Processors for “tweaking” and for processing of the signal  to be used in data processing , or remote programming.












The real need for the Honeywell Iris system comes in to focus when you are dealing with a multiple burner set up. Iris will allow you to focus ONLY on the burner you are trying to focus on eliminating  the combustion flames or UV light spectrums of other burners in the viewing area. Other applications for the Iris system includes the need to view the combustion from exotic fuels and “special applications like gas turbines, coal fired plants, sour gas, and black liquor systems.



SUBJECT: Availability of Cables and Connectors for the S7xx and S8xx Series Viewing Heads


The S70x and S80x viewing Heads (non PF versions) are currently shipped with the connector (ASY784) and 15 feet of C330 cable. Customers have asked for custom lengths of cable. New custom lengths of cable are now available ranging from 30-ft (9m)  to 250-ft (76m).





Remember Honeywell Iris systems are HIGHLY specialized systems please contact a Stromquist representive for you Iris needs at 1-800-241-9471.

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  1. Could you give me your e-mail please,

    I want to make an inquiry.

    I need these:

    – UV long-range flame detector IR (Quantity: 5 EA) HONEYWELL/ Equivalent
    – Flame Signal Processor IRIS SYSTEM (Quantity: 5 EA) HONEYWELL/ Equivalent

    I have a datasheet of it, I would like to send my inquiry through e-mail please.



  2. I have a corner fired boiler and am having a problem with my scanners picking up the burner on the other side of the firebox. Is there a way with IRIS scanners you can turn out the burner flame from the burner on the other side of the firebox?

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