Honeywell Announces: DELPHI

Honeywell DelphiDELPHI Combustion Efficiency Panel

Historical note: Delphi the ancient city in Greece which housed the Oracle of Delphi who was consulted by kings and priests on all important matters of public policy and personal affairs.

The new Honeywell Delphi Combustion Efficiency Panel handles this job rather well in terms of burner/boiler combustion control.

Housed in a single NEMA 12 panel and designated the YP900 the Delphi system is a loop and logic based integrated flame safeguard control and fuel-air ratio control with O2 trim for boiler and burner applications.

Included in the completed Delphi panel assembly are a RM7840L1075 burner safety controller with wiring sub base, S7800A Display, Modbus, built in industrial panel PC with touch screen display, ABC900A loop and logic controller for load and O2 trim control. Also included in the YP900 panel is the O2 sensor, mounting accessories and Hall-effect speed sensor with tachometer.

The YP900 is designed to keep the fuel to air ratio to a minimum to provide complete combustion. Based on application the addition of the proper FSG amplifier, FSG time card, FSG scanner, ML7999B direct coupled actuators or HercuLine 2001 series actuators, and other components as deemed necessary, the Honeywell Delphi System, is the next step to greater combustion efficiency and control.

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