Honeywell MF020 Oxygen Sensors

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The release of the Honeywell MF020 O2 sensor now gives us the availability of a highly accurate and a quick response time sensor for commercial/industrial combustion equipment.

The sensor outputs can measure values via an analog channel (4-20mA or 0V-10Vdc) and a digital channel which can be processed in a PLC. Calibration is done manually or can be self-calibrated using atmospheric air instead of a reference gas (VERY NICE in the field feature). The MF020 can also conduct external operational self-tests, and can operate in a full fault mode. The sensor self-monitors during operation and provides error signal output. No need for a second oxygen sensor.

Temperature range of the MF020 is -158F to 752F allowing for a wide range of combustion applications with available probe lengths from 8.7 inches to 23.6 inches. The MF020 sensor is standard equipment for the new Honeywell YP900 Delphi System.

When your needs turn toward O2 sensors….Contact your Stromquist & Company rep.  Help is on the way!!


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