Boiler Emergency Stop Button

Emergency StopIt’s that time of year. The college and professional football seasons have started, and the days are going to get shorter and the temperatures cooler. While talking sports in my part of the world is like talking politics in mixed company, let’s just say my favorite college team is continuing its winning ways, and my favorite professional team has dropped a game already. With the cooler temperatures coming it’s time to check out those heating boilers to make sure they are safe and running properly for the upcoming heating season. Safety is always a prime concern for all of us who deal with boilers. A quick and efficient way to maintain this safety is the use of a boiler emergency stop button. With a single push of the button, electrical power is dropped to the boiler. This boiler emergency stop button is available in two forms, the BSB-1 and the BSB-2. Each kit contains the switch housing, a 40 mm push -pull red button, a NC contact, and a legend plate stating Boiler Shut Off. The BSB-2 has the option included that allows for an illuminated switch.

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  1. Do they make a emergency shutoff switch that will shutoff control power to five different boilers?. I saw a switch that had 4 different contacts but not five

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