Conbraco Water Gauges

Conbraco Boiler and Tank Gauge Glasses:

The Series and how to order:

Conbraco does something with this product most manufactures don’t. They give us almost infinite choice. Let us know what needs you may have and we can help you pick the proper gauge set for you. Call Stromquist and Company in Orlando at 1-800-678-0748 or in Atlanta at 1-800-241-9471.

Service ratings from 125# – 500#  (subject to pressure/temperature ratings of gauge glass)

Aluminum or plastic composition hand wheels          3/8”, ½”, or ¾” connections

With or without Automatic ball check valves          Bronze or Stainless Steel bodies

Chain Lever                                                          Rough or Polished bodies

Round or square pattern bodies                            With or without glass and protection rods

Tubular protectors                                                Side mount gauges

Expansion tank only gauges                                   Extended shank gauges

Service Tip:  Cleaning Boiler Gauge Glass

Follow these simple steps to clean gauge glass while steam is on boiler without dis-assembly.

1. Fill a cup with ordinary household ammonia.

2. Close the top and bottom gauge glass valves. Open the drain valve located below the bottom gauge glass valve.

3. Slowly crack open the top gauge glass valve so the steam pressure blows all the water out of the drain line and the glass contains only steam.

4. When a flow of steam appears out of the drain line, hold the cup of ammonia to the end of the drain line so the steam bubbles up through the ammonia.

5. Close the top gauge glass valve. Steam will quickly condense in the glass creating a vacuum. The resulting vacuum will draw the ammonia up into the gauge glass cleaning the glass.

6. Repeat until sparkling clean.

Service Tip: Formula for determining Glass and Rod lengths for Conbraco Gauges.

Glass length = (C to C Dimension) – 1 ¼”

Rod length = (Glass Length) + 2”

Exceptions: (series numbers)

(20-300, 20-350, 20-601, 20-602, 23-650, 24-300, 25-400, 25-500, 25-600)

Glass length = (C to C Dimension) – 2”

Rod length = (Glass Length) + 1 ¼ ”

(23-400, 24-400, 24-600)

Glass length = (C to C Dimension) – 2”

Rod length = (Glass Length) + 7/8”

Note: Due to different gauge manufacturers do not depend on the existing glass to have been cut correctly. Measure twice cut once.


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  1. Too COOL always wondered the correct way to determine the cut length for Conbraco boiler site glasses…

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