Review…Minvalco Wholesale Distributors in Minnesota

Since 1965 Minvalco has enjoyed growth as one of the largest HVAC/R controls distributors in the upper Midwest.

Like Stromquist and Company Minvalco is a family owned business growing from a one man operation and branching out with inventory and industry respected employees to become key suppliers in the commercial, residential, and industrial marketplace.

Minvalco is also a fellow member of the CGNA network of nationwide distributors allowing the strength of fellow members to provide unsurpassed services and information to clients around the country.

Being a premier wholesaler of Bell and Gossett products, Honeywell controls, and other fine products Minvalco truly shines as the largest distributor of Maxitrol gas regulators in the USA.

It came to no surprise when Jim Senst (Sales Manager) for Minvalco responded to the article on Rebuilt Flame Safeguard Controls with this statement:

“Great article and interview regarding rebuilt safety controls! Minnesota is a CSD-1 state but like most states lack the resources to fully inspect every boiler and burner. Many institutions’ managerial people may not know if their repair personnel are using rebuilt controls.These institutions may include; schools, nursing homes, hospitals and other public and private buildings.
In an effort to save money, are they risking the safety of children, the elderly and anyone else that may work or simply be in the building.”

Jim’s response to this article shows me how much Minvalco cares about their clients and this industry we have devoted our lives to and I am proud to tell others in the Midwestern areas to check out Minvalco for their control needs.

By the way Jim, next time you are in MY neck of the woods catching MY bass let me know and I will make sure you have a FLORIDA GATOR shirt to keep you safe in our waters…Is that Lake George?

 Jim Senst Sales Manager Minvalco










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2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the nice comments about Minvalco. We’re always stiving to do our best for our business partners, as do you folks at Stromquest.

    Actually, it’s Lake Jessup in Flordia. I’m fishing with my friend Chuck Brewer who set his rod down to take this picture.
    This photo was taken in late Febuary or early March. I’m usually standing on 28 inches of ice when I’m fishing in Febuary!

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