See How to Use Honeywell RM7800 Fault Codes

Stromquist & Company’s, Bob Koch, shows you the power of using the Honeywell RM7800 Burner boiler Controller with the S7800 trouble shooting display. Using the RM7800 Fault codes in the display makes troubleshooting your burner system a breeze.

If you are in Georgia or Florida you can contact one of the control pros at Stromquist & Company for more information on the Honeywell RM7800 flamesafe guard controller. If you are in another part of the country one of our fellow members of Controls Group North America can hook you up.

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5 Responses

  1. What can cause a code 111. I’ve changed out the boiler relay and it is still locking the boiler out. It’s not doing it everyday. It will run for a couple of days then trip. I’ve check everything out start it up and it will run good for a day or two.

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