McDonnel & Miller LWCO Switch Malfunctions

The following is a list of what causes a LWCO switch to malfunction taken from the McDonnell & Miller Service Guide.

   1. Burner motor having greater power requirements than the LWCO switch

   2. Feed pump is not properly balanced for the required fill rate resulting in rapid cycling of the switches.

   3. Shorting of power wiring in control circuit.

   4. Switch submerged in water

   5. Lightning striking electrical service to building, causing electrical overload

   6. Overloaded circuit in building, resulting in low voltage conditions which in turn causes higher amperage draw and consequent switch failure

   7. Other limits like pressure controls, relays, thermostats, etc., may short circuit, overloading all switches in the same electrical line.

   Pump motor having a dead spot, may stall and generates heat, causing overloading of switch

The most common cause of switch overload is incorrect application. Check the electrical ratings of the switch against ratings of the equipment controlled.

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